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Please take a moment and view some of my projects. I have found that my cakes are now only limited by the imagination!

Fully custom cakes

These cakes are not your typical square cakes. They were individually designed and crafted for each occasion.

Every single item on the board is completely edible! My custom fondant is both a great design tool and actually tastes great, compared to other types.

Cakes with Custom dimensional elements.
These cakes start with a standard cake base but have some special custom dimensional elements. I always work very hard to incorporate the theme.

I always say to be sure to save your favorite piece! Those figures go fast!

Standard cakes with custom elements.

I have found that less can definitely be more and simple is still special. These cakes were very streamlined, but their custom elements still made for a great centerpiece.

These elements are not just the typical paper transfers or rice paper print-outs. As you can see, each piece is hand-formed and applied. They have depth and look fantastic.

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